An explainer video is a fantastic way to introduce what you do, and outline why it's so special. 

But quality really does matter. According to our research, 61% of users say they've been put off buying a product after they watched a bad explainer video.

Your explainer video is an extension of your brand. And choosing the right company to make your video can make all the difference in how your brand is perceived – as well as how well the value of your product or service is communicated.

In this ebook, we present 20 great explainer video companies and talk about what makes them stand out from the ever-growing crowd.

This ebook covers

  • 20 market leading explainer video companies you should be aware of.
  • Their specialities and areas of expertise.
  • Fun facts about each company.

It is also

  • 24 pages long.
  • Beautifully designed.

20 Great Explainer Video Companies

A listing of 20 of the worlds best explainer video companies

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