Video and social media have been two of the most dominant marketing trends of recent years. Research has proven time and again that video is among the most popular content types for consumers. Combine that with the sheer reach of social media, and marketers have a compelling opportunity to reach their ideal target audience.

In short, video on social marketing lets you reach the audience you want, with the kind of content they want.

In this ebook, we take a look at how you can combine these two marketing techniques to great effect.

This ebook covers

  • Which social networks are best for sharing video content.
  • The difference between paid and organic social video marketing.
  • The various ways you can use video on social media – and what you can achieve.
  • How to track the results of your campaigns.

It is also

  • 21 pages long.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • Based on a wealth of expert video marketing insight and knowledge.

How To Use Video On Social Media

A detailed insight into how to use video in the most effective way on social media

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