We have created over 1,250 explainer videos for over 750 clients in the past few years. This makes us one of the market leaders in our industry. In this ebook we pass on all our knowledge of scripting, design, animation, process and promotion. We also discuss software and types of video you can create. This is a comprehensive ebook that aims to impart years of knowledge in an easy to understand piece.

This ebook covers

  • Things to think about before you start
  • Ideation, planning & scripting
  • Design and storyboarding
  • Recording a voiceover
  • Animation and movement
  • Where to host your videos
  • Promotion & getting your video out there

It is also

  • 71 Pages long
  • Beautifully designed
  • Has links to examples

Ultimate Guide: How To Create The Perfect Explainer Video

Everything you need to know to create an amazing explainer video

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