Video advertising campaigns on social media, in short, allow marketers to serve up dynamic, engaging content to their specific target audience. Campaigns can be targeted by gender, age, location, interests, and more – all packaged in a media type which is almost unanimously popular.

But, as always in the world of advertising, it's a two-way transaction.

Yes, there are marketers on one end.

But what about the consumers at the other end? How do they feel about social video ads?

We wanted to find out

  • How willing are they to watch video ads?
  • How likely are they to share them with their own social network?
  • What kind of action will they typically take after watching video ads?
  • How much video do they see on their news feed today compared to 12 months ago?
  • How do video ads compare to photo and text-only ads?

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Video Marketing on Social Media Statistics 2016

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